• Gulf Veterinary Centre started with the vision of offering  highest standard of services of the regional needs of fast growing Livestock and Poultry farming, Camel and Horse Racing industry, Veterinary and Animal Health Care services and Pet care.

  • Gulf Veterinary Centre is a leading Distributor and Exclusive Agent in the region for several well established reputed, International Brands in the field of Veterinary and livestock formulations.

  • Gulf Veterinary Centre offer wide range of products  covering :

1. Feed Supplements – viz  LIVOL PFS , LivoLiv and UriNorm from  Indian Herbs , India 

2. Veterinary Medicines  - viz Aminoacidos Vit,Yodocalcio MG, ATP Shock,from Chinfield s.a Laboratories , Argentina ;  Gemicin Spray, Neosulf  Hepatoprotector from Over Laboratories , Argentina

3. Vaccines – viz  Aguapey, Neumoenteritis,  Ibsaclos Max-P from Invesbio ,Argentina , FMD Vaccine, Johnes Vaccine from Biovet ,India

4. Disinfectants, Biosecurity & Hygeine Products  -viz A.C.10, Iodofos, Ultrafect from Over Laboratories, Argentina

5. Pet Range –viz Overdog, Overline – Pet

6. Bird Specialities – viz Specialized products from Latac , Barcelona, Spain

Gulf Veterinary Centre  is the Exclusive Agent  in UAE for the following:

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